This Week in Chess: Knights of Columbia at the Greater New York Scholastic Chess Championships

By Sophia Rohde, chess teacher

The 2019 Greater New York Scholastic Chess Championships were held January 5-6 at the Brooklyn Marriott. Over 1,500 players competed in the various sections comprising the GNYSCC. The Knights of Columbia were well represented with 25 CGPS students participating.

While the “Cities," as the event is affectionately known, follows close on the heels of December’s National Grade Championships in Orlando, it also represents a return to school and the start of the busy winter chess season. At the same time, because the event was held prior to the students’ actual return to school (indeed, some families shortened their vacations to make it back for the event), CGPS should be proud to have fielded such a large and strong group of competitors.

The event contained both two-day championship sections by age, with six rounds, and one-day sections limited by both age and rating, with five rounds at a faster time control.

In many ways, the two-day Championship events at the Cities are tougher than national championship events, as almost all of the best New York City-based players converge on this event.

In the six-round Primary Championship (up to 3rd grade), Colby L. ‘28 led the way with 3.5 points, Christopher W. ‘29 scored 3, Sammy G. ‘29 posted 2.5 as our seasoned team captured 5th place.

In the six-round Elementary Championship (up to 6th grade), Daniel M. ‘25 was our only player. Daniel scored 4.5 points and won 19th place individual.

In the very tough six-round Junior High Championship (up to 9th grade), Theo K. ‘22 and Harris L. ‘22 each scored 4 points, and Julian D. ‘23 and Jacob T. ‘24 each finished with 3 points, and our well-balanced team captured 6th place.

Even more hectic are the one-day class-based events, due to the quicker time control, and the five-games-in-one-day schedule.

In the 5-round K-1 Under 400 section (for players with US Chess Federation ratings under 400), Ryan G. ‘’31, Gillian O. ‘31 and Aaron P. ‘30 all scored 3, with Luke S. ‘30 scoring 2, and the team finishing in 9th Place.


In the five-round Primary (up to 3rd grade) Under 600 section, Wyatt S. ‘28 posted a perfect score 5-0 and tied for first place! Solid results were also achieved by Viann R. ‘31 (3 points), Ryan R. ‘30 (2.5), Matthew G. ‘29 (2) and Julia H. ‘29 (1.5), and the team captured 7th place.


In the five-round Primary (up to 3rd grade) Under 1000 section, Loren R. ‘28 scored 3 and won 2nd place Under 800. Quinn O. ‘29 scored 2.5, Dana L. ‘28 scored 2, Arthur X. ‘28 scored 1.5 and the team captured 6th place.


In the five-round Elementary (up to 6th grade) Under 700 section, Quinn O. ‘29 (Quinn played in two separate five-round tournaments over the weekend, and thus played more games during the Viking award!) scored 4 points and tied for 10th place individual, David M. ‘29 posted a score of 3.5 and Nicolas R. ‘29 contributed 3, and the team was awarded 18th place.


In the Elementary (up to 6th grade) Under 1500 section, Grant C. ‘26 scored 3 points.


In the Junior High (up to 9th grade) Under 1300 section, which Aarav R. ‘27 chose to play in because of the under 1300 feature, Aarav scored 3 points.


Coaching at the event were Sophia Rohde, John MacArthur, Michael Rohde, Harold Scott, Joel Benjamin and Daniel Vulis.


Stay tuned for more pictures in next week’s Photos of the Week.