Young Musicians Shine in Spring Concert

Last week, the Middle School’s talented young musicians impressed the CGPS community at their spring concert. The Weekly spoke with Dr. Kary Haddad, Middle School music coordinator, about the preparation process, how the students have progressed as musicians this year and more:

What was the preparation process like for the concert? 

Our concerts are all about sharing the work we've been doing in classes and ensemble rehearsals over the course of the semester, so in that sense, all of the work we do is getting ready for the concert! The Middle School music program includes so much music-making, and we're always very excited when we get to share that music with our community.

How have you seen your musicians evolve and progress as artists throughout the year, ultimately leading up to this concert?

The progress these musicians have made this year was incredible. It's really amazing that you can pick up an instrument for the first time in September and play in concerts three and eight months later! In general music, so much of what they shared at the concert was actually created by the students themselves, so to see them develop the confidence to do that is really wonderful.

Do you have any words for your students following the concert?

We are so proud of the performances they gave and the work they did all year! 

Do you have any advice for young students thinking about picking up an instrument and getting more involved in music so they can be a part of this concert one year? 

We have room for everybody who wants to make music. It's never too late to start learning, so all a student needs to do to get involved is to tell their music teacher!

Congrats to the Middle School music students on giving an amazing performance. We cannot wait to hear more!