CGPS Makes tit to the Sixth Round in the New York State Mock Trial Competition - 04/15/19

Last week, CGPS competed in the sixth round of the New York State Mock Trial Competition — the furthest the team has ever gone in CGPS history. In this last round, CGPS was the plaintiff in the case... Read more

Prep School Math Department Chair Selected for Competitive Academy for Teachers Class - 04/15/19

In March, CGPS’s Prep School math department head Nathan Dummitt was nominated for a significant honor, a math master class, by Prep School art department head Lynn Schulte. Of the many nominees, Mr... Read more

19 Seniors Trek to Tufts University for Conference on Migration and Urban Spaces - 04/15/19

By 12th grade dean David Morss and Prep School Assistant Director Monica MarkovitsNineteen seniors boarded a bus to Tufts University on Thursday, April 4 to attend a summit conference on Cities at... Read more

8th Grade Squid Dissection Takes Deep Dive into Cephalopod Anatomy - 04/15/19

The 8th graders found themselves taking a deep dive into their oceanography unit with a squid dissection, led by Prep School science teacher Cary Rosillo. While it was not a requirement for any class... Read more

Prep School Global Peace Studies Brings Faculty Experience to Light - 04/15/19

In the Prep School, history teacher Marc Greenside wants his students to explore the nature of conflict and peace studies in his history elective, Peace Makers. Peace Makers traces the history of... Read more

Five Fifth Grade Students Take Action to Combat Climate Change - 04/15/19

In the Middle School, environmental action and an entrepreneurial spirit have come together in the efforts of five fifth graders who want to make a change. After learning about climate change and its... Read more

6th Grade Science Class Researches Modern Bacterial Pandemic - 04/15/19

Last Friday, Middle School science teacher Sara Moldofsky’s 6th grade class gave presentations on antibiotic resistance. Student topics included: “What is antibiotic resistance?”, “How is antibiotic... Read more

Art and Science Come Together for the 7th Grade Pinhole Camera Project - 04/15/19

Recently, Middle School art teacher Veronika Bromberg found a seamless way to integrate science and art studies for 7th graders. The students are creating pinhole cameras — homemade cameras that will... Read more

Lenore Skenazy, President of Let Grow, Discusses the Power of Independent Learning - 04/15/19

While a common stereotype of the kind and caring parent includes having a watchful eye, Lenore Skenazy, president of “Let Grow,” is advocating for something else: allowing children to take risks. “... Read more

π Day Competition Fundraises to Give Children Unforgettable Experiences - 04/08/19

The Prep School Math Department celebrated π Day (3/14) with its annual "piathlon" on Monday 3/11 and Friday 3/15.  Students were placed in multi-grade teams to compete in a variety of events (... Read more