Wellness Month’s Exercise Week: Middle Schoolers Stay Motivated Through the CGPS Running Program - 01/28/19

Three years ago, the Middle School instituted physical education programming that would keep students healthy and fit while having fun. Spearheaded by Middle School physical education teacher Venus... Read more

CGPS Varsity Swim Team Breaks Records in Tri-Meet - 01/20/19

The CGPS Varsity swim team faced off against both Dwight and Packer in a tri-meet at the Dwight School Athletic Center on the Upper East Side. This year, the team consists of six girls and 14... Read more

Healthy Eating and Hydration: A Key to Success During Middle School Years - 01/20/19

By Sue Redgen, Middle School nurse Encouraging Middle Schoolers to eat foods from all the food groups at each meal can be a challenge. By making incremental changes, however, and creating an... Read more

A Special Grammar School Parent Morning: MS Faculty DIscuss Life in CGPS Middle School - 01/20/19

At last Thursday’s Grammar School Parent Morning, the Grammar School and Middle School faculty and staff presented to 4th grade parents, outlining what parents should expect curricularly and... Read more

See the Upbeat Music Video that 1A Made to “Lean on Me” - 01/20/19

The students of 1A have a budding talent for musical video production!The Grammar School has a unique philosophy that the faculty seeks to embed in all of their programming called C.A.R.E.S., which... Read more

Second Week of Wellness Month Focuses on Hydration and Healthy Eating - 01/20/19

Wellness Month programming is unique to CGPS and was developed last year by the Grammar School faculty. It was such a success that the program has grown to include a Wellness Month in the Middle... Read more

1st Grade Science Share Turns the Students into Educators - 01/20/19

By Beth Markowitz, 1st grade teacher The 1st graders proudly shared their knowledge at the Science Share this week. Over the course of the past few weeks, they have learned about the six simple... Read more

Award-Winning Author and Illustrator Victoria Jamieson Visits CGPS - 01/20/19

Last week, Newbery Honor-winning children’s book author and illustrator Victoria Jamieson came to CGPS to talk to Grammar School and Middle School students about her writing process. Ms.... Read more

Chess National K-12 Grades, Orlando FL: Columbia Grammar: Triple Play - 01/20/19

By Sophia Rohde, Chess teacher This year, CGPS sent a school record of 31 students to the National Grade Championships, held in Orlando, Florida from December 14-16. Showing great depth across... Read more

Astronomy Students Visit Special Event at the American Museum of Natural History - 01/14/19

By Prep School science teacher Ilya Yashin Columbia Prep School students from our Astronomy class visited the American Museum of Natural History special event “Astronomy Day.” In addition to the... Read more