Grade-Wide Shakespearean Performance Puts Modern Twists on A Midsummer Night’s Dream - 03/11/19

On Friday, March 8, the entire 7th grade gathered in the Underground Theater for a morning of Shakespearean drama, organized by Middle School English teachers Jamie Rubenstein and Stefanie Forman.... Read more

New York, New York! 1st Grade Studies The Big Apple for “New York Day” - 03/11/19

By Alisyn Lima, first grade teacherFirst grade students have spent the year learning all about New York City, which culminated in presentations and song on Friday, March 8 with “New York Day” in the... Read more

To the Rescue! 4th Grade Students Research Solutions to Make CGPS More Environmentally Friendly - 03/11/19

Students in the 4th grade came together for a very big project: to brainstorm ways in which CGPS could be a more environmentally-friendly place. After students learned about waste in their... Read more

And They’re Off! During Swim Time Trials, a Riveting Race - 03/11/19

This week, both the 1-3 grade swim team and the 4-6 grade swim team competed in time trials, yielding personal best times in all grades. In the 4-6 time trials, a riveting relay had the crowd on the... Read more

Three CGPS Math Teachers Compete in Masters Math Tournament - 03/11/19

Recently, several CGPS faculty participated in the National Museum of Mathematics’ Annual Masters Tournament. Prep School math department chair Nathan Dummitt, Prep School math teacher Matthew Hoek... Read more

8th Grade humanKINDness Project Creates Inspiration for Social Good - 03/04/19

Recently, 8th grade English teachers Jennifer Bogart and Brian Pennington returned to a project they developed last year: the HumanKINDness Project. After reading Lord of the Flies, Ms. Bogart... Read more

Prep School Model Congress Goes to Harvard - 03/04/19

By Middle School history teacher William Buckley and Prep School science teacher Ilya Yashin with a reflection by Allison L. ‘20Last weekend, we had the privilege to take 11 CGPS students to the... Read more

7th Grade Basketball Unit Gives Students Responsibility on the Court - 03/04/19

It’s basketball time in PE for the 7th grade. This year, Middle School physical education teacher Katelyn Savage is using a new approach to teaching the unit, called the “Sport Education Model.” “... Read more

CGPS Middle School FIRST Lego League Team Wins Second Prize - 03/04/19

By Grammar School art teacher Kim Witkowich and Grammar School science teacher Claire RoseOn Saturday, February 23, the CGPS Lions brought home the second place trophy for research, innovative... Read more

Discussing 3D Relief Sculptures, Middle Schoolers Think Critically About Abstract Art - 03/04/19

[[{"fid":"80263","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":false,"field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":false},"link_text":null,"type":"media... Read more