For Abigail Rojas, Middle School Assistant Director, Education Was Always a Passion - 11/02/18

Abigail Rojas, the new Middle School Assistant Director at CGPS, always knew she wanted to work in education. In college, however, Ms. Rojas decided to major in communications, and worked in public... Read more

In Current International Issues, 7th Grade Students Reflect on the State of the World - 11/02/18

“Globalization is no longer an abstract concept for young people. What happens politically, economically, socially and culturally far beyond the United States impacts their lives in many important... Read more

Pre-K & K Halloween Party Spooktacular!  - 11/02/18

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Dancing, Doughnut Eating, and Pumpkin Bowling at the Student Government Halloween Assembly - 11/02/18

The Prep School kicked off halloween right with a Student Government-organized Halloween assembly. It showcased a video by the CGPS Queer Straight Alliance, a performance by the Dance Cub and Step... Read more

Young Scientists Have the Power in After School - 11/02/18

Many of the after school options at CGPS take a deeper dive into the topics students are learning about in the classrooms. One example is the Science Power Hour, coordinated by Grammar School science... Read more

The Broadway Cast of Chicago Announces Prep School Winter Musical - 10/29/18

By Sarah Stewart, Head of Prep School Music DepartmentWhat better way for the Prep Schoolers to learn what the winter musical will be than to go to the heart of Broadway for the answer? Fortuitously... Read more

"Girls Who Code" Club Comes to the Prep School - 10/29/18

The Prep School club "Girls Who Code" is inspiring young women to get more involved with tech. “I think it’s important for girls to learn to code because there are not enough women who choose... Read more

"Catching Our Breath" Module Helps 5th Graders Transition to Middle School - 10/29/18

Last year, "Catching Our Breath," a module where students learn how to be more organized and productive, was optional for 5th graders. Students who participated found the club so useful, however,... Read more

7th Grade Global History Explores Ancient Greece - 10/29/18

Last week, Marc Peters’s 7th grade Global History class and Veronika Bromberg’s 7th grade art class explored the culture of Ancient Greece. The project is a part of the arts integration curriculum in... Read more

Kindergartners Make Arepas in Spanish Class - 10/29/18

On Tuesday, kindergartners were taught how to make arepas — a corn cake, popular in Colombia and Venezuela, that is made of ground maize dough and eaten with a variety of toppings. The class was... Read more